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    DriveHUD Official release update – v.


    • Added Adda52 PLO5 support
    • Added Chico/TheSpartanPoker PLO5 support
    • Added support for FTRPoker (hands are imported as TheSpartanPoker)
    • Added Run it twice or more times support (additional cards will be shown in hands grid and replayer)
    • Added Run it twice support for Chico network, PokerStars, PokerBros, UPoker
    • Added export hand options
    • Fixed the issue when some Adda52 hands weren’t be imported
    • Fixed the issue when HUD showed up on incorrect Adda52 table if another table with same name was opened
    • Fixed the issue when HUD didn’t show up for 7-max PokerTime table
    • Fixed the issue when backup process fails sometime
    • Fixed PokerBros Holdem 6+ issues
    • Fixed the issue when new IPoker hands were incorrectly imported (incorrect won)
    • Fixed the issue when DH didn’t import hands from WPN table if table name contained ‘ symbol
    • HUD shows data only PLO5 data on PLO5 tables, and Holdem 6+ on Holdem 6+ tables (previously that data was combined with Omaha and Holdem respectively)
    • Added ability to create preflop and push charts
    • Added Nox support for Asian Hand Converter (only Android 5.1)
    • Fixed the issue when PS hand wasn’t imported if someone cashed out w/o fee
    • Fixed fatal error if some sub folder wasn’t accessible during manual import
    • Fixed the issue when unexpected random text ‘(0/0)’ was added to the left column of HUD line bar graph
    • Added support for IPoker Holdem 6+
    • Fixed the issue when PokerBros HUD wasn’t closed if player had left table
    • Show player name additionally to player id in DH replayer for asian pokers
    • Fixed the issue when backup process failed if network folder was specified as path to backup file
    • Added support for PokerBaazi v.2.0.95 (build 1.0.13)
    • Added player name stat
    • Added support for 9stack hands with incorrect header
    • Added buy-in when exporting tournament hand
    • When exporting hands with option ‘show amounts as BBs’ show ‘Raises To X BBs’ in tournament and cash games
    • Fixed the issue when hands with straddle weren’t captured for PokerBros and UPoker
    • Fixed the issue when hand had missing fold action if player left table in the middle of hand [PokerBros, UPoker]
    • Fixed the issue when WPN is incorrectly parsed if player name contained fold/check/call/raise/bet
    • Fixed the issue when selected color wasn’t applied to player name
    • Fixed the issue when hands exported in IPoker format couldn’t be imported into some 3rd party apps
    • Added Adda52 RIT table detection
    • Fixed the issue when HUD wassn’t loaded if player name was used in graph tool
    • Fixed the issue when IPoker hand wasn’t imported in knockout tournaments
    • Added support for Holdem 6+ with trips > straight
    • Fixed the issue when LDPlayer v.4 was constantly restarted if DH was running
    • Fixed the issue when stats of players on Blitz Omaha table were 0 at the beginning of the session
    • Fixed the issue when HUD didn’t show historical data for Blitz Omaha
    • Fixed the issue when 888 net won was incorrect if someone posted sb + bb as dead blind
    • Fixed issues in MTT importing [PokerBros, UPoker]
    • Fixed the issue when HUD disappeared when hero was moved to new MTT table [PokerBros, UPoker]
    • Fixed the issue when some hands weren’t correctly processed if some player left table out of his turn [PokerBros, UPoker]
    • Fixed issue when Ignition/Bodog tournaments hands weren’t correctly imported
    • Fix for RedDragon update
    • Fix for Adda52 update
    • Fixed Hole cards load/save issue in filter
    • Fixed the issue when HUD doesn’t show up for ‘Weekly Ignition Rewards $2,500 Freeroll’ [Ignition]
    • Added support for downloaded PP hands
    • Added support for downloaded Adda52 hands (beta)
    • Fixed Fold Straddle Pre-Flop stat
    • Population report is filtered by site(s) of active player or alias
    • Added total hands column to tournaments report
    • Added Fold River stat
    • Fixed the issue when RedDragon hands were imported incorrectly
    • Fixed the issue when Hero’s name was incorrectly saved for anonymous tables [PokerBros]
    • Fixed the issue when hand wasn’t imported if new player replaced player who did some action before he left the table [PokerBros]
    • Fixed the issue when stats selection in report were reset sometimes
    • Fixed issues in straddle stats
    • Fixed river bluff filter
    • Fixed the issue when 888poker SNG results weren’t imported if summary file wasn’t provided
    • Fixed the issue when HUD didn’t show up for Royal Grande table [Adda52]
    • Fixed the issue when Nox emulator wasn’t detected sometimes [AHC]
    • Fixed issues in Player X-Ray
    • Fixed the issue when Ignition/Bodog cash hands weren’t imported after Ignition/Bodog update
    • Fixed the issue when original Adda52 hands were saved incorrectly

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