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    This is posted as an auto update now, and the latest official Drivehud release build.

    DriveHUD official release update – v1.5.0.2350


    • Added DrivehudEQ
    • Added side bar with hands data to Equity calculator
    • Added the import of mucked cards for Chico Network
    • Added ACR Jackpot support
    • Added option to general settings to remember the last position of main window on the screen
    • Added possibility to edit table size of tournament
    • Added Winamax default layouts
    • Added support for BOL/SB/TG fast fold mode
    • Added HUD store
    • Added Rakeback tab to Apps
    • Added filter by all, sng, mtt to tournaments graph
    • Added currency/chips/bb dropdown to tournaments graph
    • Added Allin EV to tournament graph (for chips/bb)
    • Added buyin filter (it replaces stakes filter in filter popup if popup was opened from tournaments tab)
    • Added Line Break text to line break in the selected stats on HUD screen
    • Added PartyPoker.ES support
    • Reworked zoom support for PS
    • Improved auto-detection for WPN
    • Improved hand export format
    • Improved detection of Ignition/Bodog client
    • DH remembers its position on screen on exit
    • Auto notes in tooltip will be sorted by name
    • Updated PM catcher to support PM 2.5.15
    • Save HUD position function will also save position of track meter
    • DH will show warning message on Ignition/Bodog table if this table was opened before DH was launched
    • Fixed an issue when heat map wasn’t loaded if player existed on another table
    • Fixed the issue when HUD showed only 1st hand for PP cash games
    • Fixed an issue when auto-importing was very slow if some filter was selected
    • Fixed an issue when call (allin) or raise(allin) actions might be detected as bet(allin) for sites which don’t provide type of all-in actions
    • Fixed an issue when Ignition/Bodog wasn’t detected on some systems
    • Fixed issues in replayer
    • Fixed issues in Equity Calculator
    • Fixed the issue when Ignition table couldn’t be detected in some very rare cases
    • Fixed PS Zoom multi tables issues
    • Fixed an issue when Ignition/Bodog jackpot table was detected as 6-max
    • Fixed issues in DrivehudEQ
    • Fixed issues in main window positioning
    • Fixed cards in plain export format
    • Fixed an issue when side bar wasn’t initialized
    • Fixed an issue when hero’s hole cards were excluded from auto range
    • Fixed call flop c-bet OOP% stat
    • Fixed an issue in DHEQ when original hand disappeared if form was closed w/o saving
    • Fixed an issue when dead blind wasn’t imported for BetOnline/SB/TG
    • Fixed an issue when HUD might be positioned incorrectly if table wasn’t full when hero joined it
    • Fixed an issue when HUD didn’t show up if hand history folder contained too much files
    • Fixed the issue when filter wasn’t loaded from file
    • Fixed the issue when UI got frozen when filter was applying.
    • Fixed an issue when DHEQ built auto-range only for hero regardless which range button was clicked
    • Fixed the issue when tournament summary wasn’t imported
    • Fixed EP, MP duplicates in export format
    • Fixed an issue when custom player type was shown for players whose stats didn’t match that player type if VPIP and PFR weren’t set in the settings of that type
    • Fixed an issue when Fold to 3-bet stat was ignored when DH chose which bumper sticker to show
    • Fixed an issue when filter ‘Filter data for only’ in HUD settings wasn’t applied
    • Fixed wrong sample size of Fold to 3-bet IP stat in HUD
    • Fixed wrong sample size of Fold to 3-bet OOP stat in HUD
    • Fixed an issue when dialog with filter settings appeared behind bumper sticker popup
    • Fixed an issue when some popup windows were resized incorrectly
    • Fixed Fold to Double Barrel in 3-Bet Pot stat
    • Fixed Raised Flop C-Bet in 3-Bet Pot stat
    • Fixed help links in site settings
    • Fixed fatal error in the export of session report
    • Fixed fatal error in the export of hole cards report
    • Fixed the issue when only single HUD was installed in HUD store if several table types were specified
    • Fixed issue when filter menu was the most top window
    • Fixed issue when PS hand time was imported incorrectly
    • Fixed issue when files moved to processed folder had no extension
    • Fixed wrong NetWon, EV cash graphs (BB)
    • Fixed an issue when only heat map was displayed instead of line bar graphs with heat map
    • Fixed default PartyPoker positions
    • Filters will be applied to tournament summary data

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