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    DriveHUD 2 Update – v2.0.8.7962:


    • Added BlueStacks 5 support (Asian Hand Converter)
    • Added BB/100 SD (showdown) and BB/100 NSD (non-showdown) options to tournament graph
    • Improved stats searching in R&D
    • Added hide instances on sample sizes configuration option
    • Fixed issues in GGN import (cashout)
    • Fixed incorrect data in summary row of tournaments report when filter was applied
    • Round all numbers in reports to one decimal place except for currency stats
    • Added “All time” option to the tournament graph
    • Added new options to the opponents report:
    – Number of opponents to analyze – top 100, 200, 500, 1000
    – Winners/Losers – shows top winners or top losers
    • Added filtering to the opponents report
    • Changed the mechanics of filtering in the population report – the filter is applied after the calculation of player type
    • Fixed issues with HUD on full screen table
    • Fixed an issue when BBs stat was incorrectly displayed in the replayer
    • Fixed UO-PFR (ante)% stat
    • Fixed issues in the range report settings
    • Fixed the issue when ********** client didn’t work correctly if Adda52 was enabled in the DH settings
    • Added auto-detection for PokerStars Asia, PokerStars Michigan, PokerStars Switzerland, PokerStars Greece and PokerStars Ontario
    • Added ClubGG desktop support (Asian Hand Converter)
    • Added bonus stat to reports
    • Added total time played to the session report
    • Added support for PS 5 Card Omaha No Limit
    • Added an ability to duplicate multiple HUDs at once
    • Added an ability to build the range report if preflop action is selected only
    • Enhanced font settings pop-up in HUD designer
    • Replaced enhanced player tooltip graph with simple player name tooltip in the plain stat box
    • Fixed display problems in a report exported to Excel
    • Fixed track conditions meter pot calculation
    • Fixed an issue in PS import when some hands weren’t imported due to specific player names
    • Fixed an issue when HUD positions might be shifted on HUD loading
    • Fixed an issue where sample size wasn’t shown for custom stats
    • Fixed the issue when HUD didn’t show up for tournaments
    • Fixed issues in HUD extended area
    • Improved LDPlayer 4 detection logic to prevent an issue where, in some rare cases, some emulators would not be detected
    • Fixed the issue where drag & drop didn’t work for 4-stat box in HUD designer
    • Fixed the issue when BlueStacks 5 instances weren’t detected on some systems
    • Fixed the issue when rake was incorrectly imported for ClubGG hands
    • Added heat maps to the range population report
    • Added highlighting of hands where the Hero did VPIP to the replayer
    • Added Adda52 PLO6 support
    • Added heat maps to population report
    • Added support for Winamax only with playground turned off
    • Fixed UI issues in the heat map popup
    • Fix for ********** update
    • Add support for ********** PLO6
    • Improved performance of importing from a directory in case there are too many files in the directory
    • Fix for X-Poker update
    • Fixed issue in Call vs Open raise by position stats
    • Fixed Cold Call IP/OOP filter
    • Fixed the issue when PPPoker hands in PS formats were imported as GGN hands
    • Added support for PokerMaster hands in PS format created with 3rd party converters for PPPoker, PokerBros, ClubGG, Suprema
    • Added support for ClubGG on android emulators
    • Added possibility for user to delete HUD layout + associated user pop-ups or HUD layout only when deleting the latter
    • Abbreviated stats:
    Honor decimal places setting for stats that are being abbreviated whenever is possible
    Added billion suffix (B)
    Avoid having zero at number’s whole part when using a suffix (K/M/B)
    • Replayer improvements:
    Increased the font size and make it bold for the bet amounts.
    Increased the font size for equity %.
    • Show double hyphen for non set percentage stats and sample sizes.
    • Added new table ring opponent position filter
    • Fixed HUD designer issues:
    Fixed player profile icon not showing when searching stats in HUD designer
    Fixed player profile icon preview when it has associated graph in HUD designer
    Fixed tilt meter not showing any level
    Fixed bumper sticker tooltips
    • Improved database manager view
    • Added new stats
    Call MP vs EP open%
    Call CO vs EP open%
    Call CO vs MP open%
    Call BTN vs EP open%
    Call BTN vs MP open%
    Call BTN vs CO open%
    Call SB vs EP open%
    Call SB vs MP open%
    Call SB vs CO open%
    Call SB vs BTN open%
    Call BB vs EP open%
    Call BB vs MP open%
    Call BB vs CO open%
    Call BB vs BTN open%
    Call BB vs SB open%
    Skip Turn CBet and Fold to River Bet IP%
    Turn Check Fold OOP%
    3Bet from blinds vs BTN steal%
    Bet vs missed CBet multiway
    Fold vs Bet vs missed CBet multiway
    Flop C-Bet Paired
    Flop C-Bet Unpaired
    Flop C-Bet Straight
    Flop C-Bet 0-35% Pot
    Flop C-Bet 36-55% Pot
    Flop C-Bet 56-76% Pot
    Flop C-Bet 77-100% Pot
    Turn Bet vs Skipped Flop C-Bet OOP%
    Fold vs Bet vs Skipped C-Bet HU%
    Fold vs Check-Raise on paired board HU%
    Fold vs Check-Raise on paired board MW%
    • Fixed the issue when ‘–‘ was displayed for some stats in the HUD regardless of their values
    • Fix for Pocket52 update
    • Fixed the issue when player list wasn’t updated correctly if new database was created, or existing database was opened
    • Fixed Fold to 3Bet in SB/BB/EP/MP/CO/BTN stats
    • Enabled EVBB/100 stat in the HUD
    • Updated 4Bet AA stat
    • Fixed the issue when EVBB/100 wasn’t showing up in the HUD stats list for selection
    • Fixed the issue when the wrong hand could be tagged if the tag hand button was clicked immediately after the end of a hand
    • Fixed issues in backup/restore process in the database settings
    • Updated the filtering logic in the population report
    • Updated the board texture filter: use AND instead of OR between Flop/Turn/River filters
    • Fixed the issue in positional stat data

    This is posted as the latest stable auto update build.

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