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    DriveHUD 2 Release Update – v2.0.2.7522:


    Added support for new Adda52 PLO5 RIT tables
    Fixed Party Poker hole cards parse issue that caused missing equity in hands
    Fixed an exception thrown when empty hole cards at R&D
    Fixed “Fold BB Vs RFI XX” stats calculations
    Fixed an issue where player names were not imported correctly from PokerBros tables if table observing was restricted
    Added the ability to create new database in the custom location
    Added the ability to open existing database from the custom location
    Fixed an issue where hand notes weren’t saved for some poker sites if database was imported from DH1
    Added new default NLH 6-max Cash and PLO 6-max HUDs
    Added replayer option to allow user change hero’s seat
    Fix for PPPoker Jackpot update
    Fixed an issue that didn’t allow decimals on percentage stats on user popup builder color range
    Fixed an issue when commercial HUDs couldn’t be used after upgrading license
    Fixed an issue where HUD list wasn’t updated after installing a HUD layout from HUD store while the same table size was selected in HUD designer
    Fixed an issue where X-Poker hands weren’t imported sometimes
    Fixed an issue where negative values for percentage stats were shown
    Fixed issues in stats calculations
    Improved Ignition/Bodog tournament detection
    Remember replayer position on the screen
    Fixed issues in Pokerrrrr2 support
    Fixed issue when user reports headers weren’t updated when user tried to delete a report and report file was already deleted (e.g. user deleted report from outside DH).
    Fixed issues in few stats
    Fixed issue when popups menu wasn’t closed when user chose some popup at popup builder.
    Added Pokerrrr2 support (Asian Hand Converter)
    Added sample size for simple custom stats
    Fixed an issue where custom stats weren’t available in popup unless restart
    Fixed an issue where extra empty row/column at right/bottom sides made heatmap/pop.report/hand chart not shown at last row/column cells in user pop-ups
    Added select all hands command
    Added new terms for custom stats/filter language:
    LimperEP, LimperMP, LimperCO, LimperBTN, LimperSB – indicates whenever a player limps in a certain position
    LimpersCount – total amount of limpers on the preflop
    Allow saving pop-up even if there are no changes because it works like ‘save as’
    Fixed single cell navigation issue when selection jumped around
    Fixed issue when user was asked to save pop-up when there were no changes
    Fixed pop-up break issue when deleting row
    Fixed freeze issue when trying to add row below the last one
    Fixed apply button active when initializing cell’s border
    Added text ‘SEE MORE COLORS’ to all color editors
    Fixed issue when editing some HUD then going to another tab and back again, list of pop-ups for that HUD were replaced for all available pop-ups
    Enhanced ‘Apply to All Stats’ options
    Fixed an issue where some PokerBros hands weren’t imported in certain situations (Asian Hand Converter)
    Added FLH, FLO support for PokerBros (Asian Hand Converter)
    Fixed an issue where HUD didn’t show up for Adda52 small stakes tables
    Added new stats:
    Fold to Flop C-Bet HU OOP SRP
    SRP HU IP x/x Flop & Fold Turn
    SRP HU IP Turn C-Bet
    X/F flop SRP HU OOP
    SRP HU OOP Turn C-Bet
    SRP HU OOP C-Bet Flop & X/Fold Turn
    SRP HU OOP C-Bet River
    BvB SRP SB Flop Bet/Fold to Raise
    3B Pot HU IP Fold to Flop C-Bet
    3B Pot HU IP Fold to Delayed C-Bet
    3B Pot HU IP Raise C-Bet
    3B Pot HU OOP Fold to Flop C-Bet
    3B Pot HU OOP Fold to Delayed C-Bet
    3B Pot HU OOP Check-Raise Flop
    3B Pot Delayed C-Bet IP
    3B Pot Delayed C-Bet OOP
    3B Pot River Barrel IP
    3B Pot River Barrel OOP
    4B Pot bet flop
    4B Pot Bet turn
    4B Pot bet river
    4B vs SQZ as Raiser
    Call vs SQZ as Raiser
    Fold vs SQZ as raiser
    Bet River After Overbet Turn
    Fix for the Pocket52 update
    Fixed an issue where HUD was not displayed for BetOnline on some systems
    Fixed an issue where user popups weren’t uploaded to the HUD store
    Show full amount for long numbers (e.g. net won/total hands) on HUD tooltips
    Added Average stack size in BBs stat
    Extend the background to the end of the row in plain stat box if the same background color is used for all stats in the row
    Fixed an issue where 4-stats box had incorrect size
    Fixed an issue where showdown/non-showdown data was inverted
    Fixed sorting in the R&D hands grid
    Fix for X-Poker update 5.0
    Fixed an issue where hands couldn’t be replayed after stats rebuilding in some cases
    Fixed an issue where GGN cashout hands couldn’t be imported
    Fixed crash when user pop-up builder color range value was repeated
    Fixed setting random values to line breaks (stats)
    Show BB range stat in tools (plain/4-stats box) when only one range is configured
    Added background to chip stacks in re-player for better readability
    Fixed an issue in preflop 3-bet quiz when a hand chart with only UTG position was used
    Abbreviate large numbers (e.g. total hands, net won) and show them as 1K/1M instead of 1000/1000000
    Added a setting to shorten the player’s name to a given length between 4 and 10
    Added UPoker desktop support (Asian Hand Converter)
    Ignore UPoker emulator restrictions on LDPlayer4 (Asian Hand Converter)
    Fixed an issue where adding/deleting row/column and row/column span was greater than 1 in the user pop-up builder

    This is posted as an auto update as well.

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