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    DriveHUD 2 Public beta – v2.0.0.5466:


    – Added heat map to user pop-ups
    – Fixed the issue when restore from backup process couldn’t be completed in some cases
    – Added Limp Call SB/EP/MP/CO/BTN
    – Added Limp Fold SB/EP/MP/CO/BTN
    – Added Limp Re-Raise SB/EP/MP/CO/BTN
    – Added Limp BB
    – Fixed issues in existing stats
    – Collapse title space in user pop-ups if there is no title.
    – Removed condition that checked if a stat was already in user pop-up.
    – Fixed crash when changing user pop-up cell’s property.
    – Added shortcut keys to pop-up designer copy/paste/cut/undo/redo (CTRL+C, CTRL+V, CTRL+X, CTRL-Z, CTRL-Y).
    – Fixed the issue when WPN hand couldn’t be imported if someone showed only one of his hole cards
    – Added new stats:
    Raise limpers EP%
    Raise SB open limp%
    Open limp%
    Check-Raise Flop C-bet IP%
    Check-Raise Flop C-bet OOP%
    Check-Raise Flop as PFR IP%
    Check-Raise Flop as PFR OOP%
    Fold to PF 3-Bet after Raise 10-20bb
    UO-PFR EP (ante)
    UO-PFR MP (ante)
    UO-PFR CO (ante)
    UO-PFR BTN (ante)
    UO-PFR SB (ante)
    UO-PFR BB (ante)
    UO-PFR 10-15bb
    UO-PFR 15-20bb
    UO-PFR 20-30bb
    UO-PFR 30-50bb
    UO-PFR 50bb+

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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