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    DriveHUD 2 Public beta – v2.0.0.5424:


    – Player Xray added
    – Fixed the issue in the parsing of opponent cards for GGN
    – Integrate New HUD store.
    – Added PokerStars 5-max support
    – Fixed the issue in HUDs migration/import from DH1 when HUDs with UO PFR stats weren’t loaded
    – Fixed multiple issues in custom filter
    – Fixed advanced filters ‘players on flop/turn/river less than…’
    – Fixed the error when HUD wasn’t loaded in some cases
    – Fixed the issue in stakes filter when it was applied incorrectly for different table types
    – Restored ‘Loading HUD…’ message in re-player.
    – Fixed gauge range background color when switching between themes.
    – Applied light theme to UpdateView.
    – Fix when Population report doesn’t show any value.
    – Fixed Player types settings don’t close after you click on save button.
    – For user created pop-ups (pop-up designer):
    + Fixed cell width ajustment up/down buttons went nuts and couldn’t stop it.
    + Close cell left/right sub-menus if clicked outside.
    + Changed cell minimum width to 10 instead of 38. Set upper limit also (500).
    + Fixed font name combo box auto scroll when typing font name.
    + Set minimum/maximum values for color ranges based on stat type.
    + Added one more color range (less than 10) in the beginning (up to 6).
    + Added possibility of setting foreground/background color for pop-ups and
    selected stats for HUDs. So, if no color range are set, the former colors
    are applied.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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