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    Asian Hand Converter Beta Release Update – v1.10.8.532:


    Added WPT Global support (cash tables only) (beta)

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    I did not know that in the latest update of the converter is added the WPT Global support and I was playing there.
    The room detected the HUD and blocked my account because they don’t allow the HUD, after a few emails, they unblocked it.

    I’m used to play on PokerBros with the converter on. Are you sure they will not detect the HUD? I would like to play there even without HUD, but I need the converter to not track WPT.


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    Update AHC and it will disable WPT.

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    I was playing there without realizing that WPT Global support had been added to the converter in its most recent update.
    After a few emails, the room unblocked my account after detecting the HUD and blocking it because they don’t allow the HUD.

    I’m used to using the converter pumpkin panic when I play on PokerBros. Are you certain they won’t notice the HUD? Even without the HUD, I would like to play there, but in order to avoid tracking WPT, I need the converter.

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