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    [Adda52 Fix] DriveHUD 2 Beta Update – v2.0.13.9813:


    Fix for the Adda52 update
    Added option to export hands to WeakTight
    Added option to remember last visited tab to the general settings (Dashboard, Tournaments, R&D, HUD, Apps)
    Added the ability to export a hand as an image in the hand viewer
    Fixed an issue where the opponent type selection didn’t work for the tournament range report
    Fixed an issue where some PokerStars tournament hands were not being import in rare cases
    Fixed problem with logging
    Added support for Chico Mystery Bounty tournaments
    Show vs. hero stat as the main stat (in 4/plain stat boxes) when “Show vs. Hero only” is selected
    Fixed the wrong street pot in the hand viewer if there was an uncalled bet in the hand
    Fixed an issue where PartyPoker hands weren’t imported if there was side pots and cashouts in the same hand
    Fixed an issue where only original table size HUDs were available in the Load HUD menu after using the “treat as” feature
    Fixed Fold to Turn overbet CBet in SRP%
    Fixed Fold to Turn overbet probe in SRP%
    Fixed an issue where custom filter didn’t work correctly in specific cases if the following terms were used (rebuild is required): FacingRaiseSizeToPot, FlopFacingRaiseSizeToPot, TurnFacingRaiseSizeToPot, RiverFacingRaiseSizeToPot, FlopFacingBetSizeToPot/TurnFacingBetSizeToPot, RiverFacingBetSizeToPot
    Fixed minor UI issues in the settings
    Fixed an issue where vs. hero data wasn’t updated in the replayer

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