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Sit back and allow Leak Buster to analyze every 3-bet, every check-raise, every decision you’ve ever made in every hand you’ve ever played online – in minutes!

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all new leak buster 2

What is Leak Buster 2? 

More than just stat analysis, Leak Buster analyzes your whole poker game. By comparing your online poker hands and data to tens of millions of hands from winning online players, Leak Buster looks for over 465+ potential leaks in your game – all in minutes. It uses peak high and low stat ranges and combines that with hundreds of post flop filters to find areas of your game where you’re bleeding the most money from your bankroll. You’ll be surprised at how precise Leak Buster is at locating your most costly poker leaks.

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Poker Analysis Software

  • Average of 10-25 significant poker stat leaks found
  • Find your poker leaks with our poker analysis software in minutes
  • Used by top online poker professionals because it’s fast and easy
  • Scoring algorithm that analyzes and weighs the significance of your leaks
  • Discover your leaks by every position at the table
  • Correct your leaks by watching tutorial videos and reading modules
  • Requires and works with your Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker database
  • Over 50 Advanced filters included (50+ videos on leaks)
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Find your poker leaks with our poker analysis software in minutes

For Advanced Poker Players

  • Simplify your database analysis – Leak Buster runs over 55+ custom filters, and checks for over 465 potential weak areas of your game. No need to spend countless hours setting up filters, and running each of them, one at a time. Leak Buster does all the work in minutes.

  • Zero in on trouble hands. Leak Buster is more than stat analysis; it’s a full analysis of your game. It will highlight poor post flop play, and allow you to replay and analyze each of these hands easily and efficiently.

  • Load hands into one of the best free add-ons in Leak Buster – APS equity calculator. Run equity calculations from any hand Leak Buster finds easily, weight hand ranges, export hands, auto-generate hand ranges for opponents w/ one click!

For Micro and Small Stakes Poker Players

  • Leak Buster adjusts its advice and statistical ranges based on the stakes you’re playing. So micro stake players won’t have the same ranges and feedback, as more advanced poker players would have.

  • A complete learning library, with over 90+ professional videos on several of the most important poker topics. Get recommended videos, quizzes, and articles based on what Leak Buster thinks you need to work on the most. Even if Leak Buster doesn’t have a video listed for you, you can browse the complete learning library at any time at your own pace.
  • Leak Buster will monitor your trouble hands. Hands that give most learning poker players the most difficulty, and provide spot-on advice for how to make more profitable adjustments based on your current play.
  • Pro level advice on your play from every position at the table. Walk through each and every spot, and learn how you can become more profitable by adjusting some aspects of your pre-flop and post-flop poker game.

Pro Version

  • Are you ready to plug your leaks, and perfect your poker game?
  • Works with all stake versions
  • 465+ Leaks Analyzed in minutes
  • 80 + Training Videos
  • Leaks ranked based on impact to winrate
  • Professional Advice on correcting Leaks
  • Lifetime license
  • With Leak Buster PRO VERSION you can take your game to the next level. All of the benefits of the standard version PLUS a unique scoring algorithm that adjusts based on the stake level you currently play.

Standard Version

  • How would you like to quickly and easily uncover your most costly poker leaks in seconds?
  • Works with (NL Holdem 25NL (.10/.25) and below.
  • 465+ Leaks Analyzed in minutes
  • 80 + Training Videos
  • Leaks ranked based on impact to winrate
  • Professional Advice on correcting Leaks
  • Lifetime license
  • Leak Buster STANDARD VERSION will connect to your poker database, and instantly display your most costly leaks based on a unique scoring algorithm. Leak Buster poker training software then provides advice, and feedback for correcting those leaks through the use of instructional videos and written modules.
Leak Buster v1 for Omaha or Limit poker available for Holdem Manager 2 only



For $.25/.50 Pot Limit Omaha CASH GAMES only and below.



For ALL Pot Limit Omaha cash games levels.



For 1/2 limit Texas Hold’em CASH GAMES ONLY and below.



For ALL Limit Texas Hold’em CASH GAME levels.

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